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Daily Contact Lenses

Designed to be worn once and then discarded, these lenses do not require disinfecting and cleaning solutions. As a fresh pair of lenses is worn each time, they ensure clear vision and good comfort. The lenses are ideal for sports or special occasions and a great alternative for spectacle wearers who want to wear them occasionally. 


Monthly Contact Lenses

Designed to be worn during the day and then removed and disinfected each evening. After one month they are thrown away and replaced with a fresh new pair. Monthly contact lenses, discarded every month rather than every day, may be slightly lower in overall cost than dailies since you purchase fewer lenses.


Conventional Contact Lenses

Conventional contact lenses are long-term use soft lens types, recognized by the vials they are typically packaged in.  With proper care and cleaning, conventional contacts can be wearable from several months to up to a year. 


Coloured Contact Lenses

Colour contact lenses, with or without prescription, can enhance your natural eye colour without obscuring it or completely transform it. There’s an amazing range of coloured contact lenses available including green, violet, blue, sapphire blue, hazel and misty grey.


Contact Lens Solutions & Cases

We stock Multipurpose Solutions, Saline Solutions, Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solutions and Daily Cleaners from leading brands such as Bausch & Lomb, AMO, Sauflon and Alcon.
Our Contact Lens case range, manufactured from premium quality antibacterial plastics, includes cases with plain or distinctive designs; perfectly suited for storing all types of contact lenses.

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